Selecting suitable software for your business can crucially impact success. We develop individual suitable software based on future-proof architecture (SOA).


Usually we develop new software as web-app in a service oriented architecture (SOA).

Screenshot: Single-page web-app for coaches

Individual Software

Tailor-made solutions exactly match your requirements. After a joint analysis of your business processes, we develop an exactly suitable system supporting your recurring work and restricting degrees of freedom meaningfully.


In multi-user environments a strong rights management is crucial. While analyzing your needs and requirements we discuss the required user groups and their access rights. Generally all data transfer between client and server is encrypted.

Tools for Development

In the recent years we developed for both, the client- and the server-side, concepts, tools, libraries/plugins and code patterns for web-apps and dynamic websites. They strongly simplify development and contribute to more security, also in a conceptual way. Examples are strict validation of all server requests with XSD Schema and avoiding SQL-injection by consistent use of parameterized "prepared statements" - which also leads to great database performance.

At the server-side, we use our highly portable XML framework "XmlWalk" (Java-implementation), which provides data from various sources in compliance with business logic and user access rights.

The client-side will be implemented with Javascript (jQuery/jQuery UI). Our own Javascript libraries implement some high-quality controls; soon we will offer some more code for panel management and the Ajax -communication with XML-services. These libraries also implement and use a small entity framework which helps reflecting changes of data of specific datatypes to the controls (based on events).


We offer licenses for following software-components:

  • sspxml : web-based XML-editor-control (Javascript/jQuery)
  • xw-browse : list-control for XML-data (Javascript/jQuery)

We implement applications for both local business processes and online applications with same tooling and components in a unified architecture. That allows fluid transition between both worlds and – as far as desired – hosting of "local" parts of the application in the cloud to have access to them from everywhere.