Javascript has advanced to one of the most popular programming languages in web development. For interested developers we would like to introduce some of our jQuery -plugins successively.

sspxml: XML-Editor-Control

sspxml is a lightweight web-based XML-editor; in read-only-mode it allows nice presentation of XML-code on websites.

xw-browse: Grid-Control for XML-Data

xw-browse is a lightweight list-control (read-only grid-control) for displaying XML-data in tabular lists. It allows (multi-) selection of rows, sorting, formatting and sizing and supports a minimalistic concept of business entities; xw-browse is especially suitable for XML-driven "single-page applications", but can also be easily used in conventional websites to get performant rendering of XML-data in a tabular list with "virtual" scrolling (only visible data is rendered).

Regarding Javascript-development, our focus is on shortness, efficiency and browser compatibility, where compatibility is meant crossvendor, not historical. Our components are designed for business processes in a commercial environment; the objective is not to run perfectly with old browsers, because we think that these should not be used in such environments for security reasons.