An attractive website is mandatory for companies. But also up-to-date informations are crucial for the success of a website.

We create websites for companies, if desired multi-lingual and with responsive design.

Responsive Design

Web design for documentary AWARE

Our websites are either provided with responsive design (layout on mobile devices is adapted automatically with CSS and Javascript) or – if desired or needed – as stand alone mobile sites, i.e. a server-side switch recognizes a client as "mobile" and delivers the mobile site to it.

On request, we can also cost-effectively produce the basic version of your website as HTML5 code including responsive CSS styling, as well as the necessary Javascript so that you can maintain and host the site yourself. If necessary, we will of course help you later in the context of follow-up orders.

As an example, see our project from October 2020, a lightweight and responsive website for the documentary

AWARE - Glimpses of Consciousness


To ensure that a website is up-to-date, its owner or his assistants must be able to modify contents, upload pictures or create new pages or hyperlinks.

Popular content management systems (CMS) offer these possibilities. Although we developed a small own CMS, which integrates seamlessly as XmlWalk-service into our web-app-architecture. So web-content can be administrated in same web-app-interface with (individual created) other services.

The website itself is also an XmlWalk-service, which uses the CMS-edited contents (and possible other, e.g. items of a web-shop) to render the HTML-pages. This service is created and administrated by us.


We host the created website on a (rented) server (configured by us) at an appropriate data center.