An attractive website is mandatory for companies. But also up-to-date informations are crucial for the success of a website.

We create websites for companies, if desired multi-lingual and with responsive design.

Responsive Design

Our websites are either provided with responsive design (layout on mobile devices is adapted automatically with CSS and Javascript) or – if desired or needed – as stand alone mobile sites, i.e. a server-side switch recognizes a client as "mobile" and delivers the mobile site to it.


To ensure that a website is up-to-date, its owner or his assistants must be able to modify contents, upload pictures or create new pages or hyperlinks.

Popular content management systems (CMS) offer these possibilities. Although we developed a small own CMS, which integrates seamlessly as XmlWalk-service into our web-app-architecture. So web-content can be administrated in same web-app-interface with (individual created) other services.

The website itself is also an XmlWalk-service, which uses the CMS-edited contents (and possible other, e.g. items of a web-shop) to render the HTML-pages. This service is created and administrated by us.


We host the created website on a (rented) server (configured by us) at an appropriate data center.