Based on a service oriented architecture (SOA) we develop new applications most often as web-applications.

A "Web-App" is an application using internet technology to implement the today common client-server-architecture. The server can be part of the local area net, so web-apps can be hosted either as classic client-server-application in the local business-LAN, or as "Cloud"-Software in the internet (here, the server is most often hosted in a data center).

At server-side, a classic HTTP-Server is used, which delivers – instead of static web-pages – dynamically generated responses to client-side requests.

At the client-side, most often a modern web-browser is used to render the graphical user interface. So, in most cases no other software must be installed on client-machines.

We develop new software – as far as appropriate – as "single-page-web-app", most of the user-interaction is implemented by client-side-logic (Javascript) here. Data is exchanged in XML-format between client (Browser) and server, transport is always encrypted.

We develop software with own tools, which are built on established cross-platform standards like XML (XSD, XSLT, XSL-FO), SQL, Java and Javascript.

Web-apps (also called web-applications) are part of "Web 2.0" and allow nowadays adequate graphical user interfaces in web-browsers that are only slightly lower than that of "native" applications (written for a specific platform).