Software Development & Websites

Sandig Software Productions supports companies in the implementation of their IT goals and provides IT-services, as well as components for software development.

  • Consulting and conception, training of users and administrators
  • Hosting and technical maintenance of websites and web-apps in data centers

Sandig Software Productions GmbH resides at 91320 Ebermannstadt in the "Franconian Switzerland", district Forchheim, metropol region Nuremberg - Fürth - Erlangen, Germany.

Our special skills are SQL database applications (preferably based on PostgreSQL) and the effective use of XML technology: XSLT (transformation), Schema (validation), DOM/SAX (parsing), xsl:fo (PDF und print). New applications are preferably developed with HTML5 browser frontend and our portable backend, based on Java and XML (e.g. on Linux or Windows). Additionally, we have some experience in writing software with C# for .NET or MS Visual C++/MFC for Windows (e.g. COM-components or hardware related programms, especially printing), MS SQL Server, XPS-creation with C# and the telephony feature ("TAPI") of Windows.