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Important note on ordering of "sspxml"

Due to billing related reasons we offer "sspxml" (Javascript XML-Editor-Control) exclusively to companies and institutes/organizations ("B2B") from the European Union at the moment. Customers outside Germany must provide their VAT registration number to prove that they are not private persons. For companies and institutes/organizations from other countries we might find a solution, please ask, also in case you would like to use PayPal for your payment.

At the moment, in the online shop the only accepted payment method is advance payment with SEPA credit transfer. If we accept your order, you receive a confirmation email containing our IBAN and BIC for the advance payment. After complete payment we send the invoice to you and make the download of "sspxml" available: for a period of one year you can download the product at the protected area of our website. In that period you can receive possible updates of "sspxml" . A prolongation for a further year of download/updates can be bought for half of the price of the purchased license.

Max. number of Developers
excl. german VAT (1)
incl. german VAT (2)
1 Developers
50.00 €
59.50 €
5 Developers
150.00 €
178.50 €
10 Developers
250.00 €
297.50 €
20 Developers
400.00 €
476.00 €
30 Developers
550.00 €
654.50 €
50 Developers
700.00 €
833.00 €
100 Developers
850.00 €
1,011.50 €
1,000.00 €
1,190.00 €
Max. number of Developers
excl. german VAT (1)
incl. german VAT (2)
DevelopersunlimitedFor billing reasons, we accept only orders from EU member countries at the moment.,.Your shopping cart is empty.A timeout occured - please refresh (reload) the page now.TotalPlease input your VAT registration number at Profile/Address!Your VAT registration number:Buy now!Thanks for your order!license conditions forYou must accept the license terms to continue the order process!Your order was received. After positive verification of your order, we will send you an email with our SEPA bank account for the advance payment.Your order ID/en/license-conditions/standard-software/sspxml.html/en/license-conditions/standard-software/xw-browse.html
    Method of payment: advance payment (SEPA credit transfer)

    (1) For companies and institutes/organizations from the European Union outside Germany (without german VAT, "B2B"). These customers receive an invoice without VAT and with a note on "reverse charge". To complete the order process the customer must provide his VAT registration number during checkout!

    (2) For customers from Germany ("B2B", inclusive german VAT).